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Traveling: Restoration of art and soul | Peeplo Talks Episode 01- Federica Francesca

In this fascinating conversation with Frederica Francesca, an Italian Traveler, we go over her travel experiences, discussing about traveler's hygiene and safety, her advice on how one can manage the budget on their trip, and how her job influences her mind to discover new cultures and places.

Glad to have this gossip session with a fellow like-minded traveler. If you were looking for new, exotic stories related to travel, or planning to go to a new place and looking for tips from other backpacker's, or just trying to find something interesting to read on the internet, you have come to the right place; Bawra Musafir's global movement - Peeplo Talks.

Let's take a look at the story and experiences shared by Frederica!

Rishabh: Hello, Federica! How are you?? Let's start with a little introduction.

So give a short introduction of yourself, including when you started traveling in your life and how many places you visited so far.

Federica: Hello, Rishabh!, I am fine. Yeah sure, so lemme introduce myself. My name is Federica Francesca, and I am Italian. I am 29 years old. My deep love for art inspired me to do a job as an artwork restorer, and the passion of learning and engaging with different forms of art made me travel around the world to discover new cultures and places. I started visiting various sites in Italy with my family when I was just a child. Italy is one of the countries with the most art in the world. During the Academy period, I used to travel around Europe, visited many European capitals. In 2017 I went to China. It was my first time visiting a country outside of Europe. In 2018 I visited Perù and the Amazon Rainforest, in 2019, I traveled around Morocco and Northern India.

Federica's Art Work
Federica's Art Work

Rishabh: Woah! That's amazing, you traveled so many places. I'm happy to hear how your passion for art helped you choose the right job and inspired you to travel.

People don't usually travel abroad. As you have traveled abroad, say something to readers to inspire them to explore foreign lands.

Federica: Traveling beyond the borders of your own country is outstanding and great fun! Getting in touch with different cultures allows you to learn many new things that you don't know about and enables you to see something that would be a shame not to see.

Rishabh: Yeah, Correct! Also, it helps people to make some new friends from different lands.

As I am the biggest animal lover, I would like to ask, "Which is the most beautiful animal you have ever seen on your trips?"

Federica: I saw many beautiful animals. But if I have to pick one, then Pandas in China. I have some excellent clicks of those cuties!!

Panda in China
Panda in China

Rishabh: What would you tell solo traveler especially women who has never left their hometown. Also, Female Travelers worried about the hygiene and safety. What are your suggestions and opinions on the same.

Federica: Well, I would like to say that traveling is the best way to open your mind to the world, learning about new cultures, overcoming prejudices, and feeling like citizens of the world. It is a way to test yourself and overcome your difficulties. So, take out some time from your busy schedule and visit and explore new places.

Before visiting any country, it is vital to get information about places and customs by reading other travelers' blogs, consulting tour guides, and asking locals. This allows you to travel safely. Backpackers like me may sometimes find deplorable sanitary conditions, hence bringing a sleeping bag and a small cleaning kit with you is always a good idea!!!

Rishabh: How do you manage your budget during travel? Give some advice to the other travelers on how they can manage their budget efficiently on their trips.

Federica: In order to save money, you have to plan every aspect of your trip well in advance. In particular, it is essential to book your flight many months in advance and book the hotels before departure so you can have your pick amongst the ones with the best value for money. During the trip, it can be useful to set a maximum spending amount for things like food like a daily budget, without having to give up visiting your places of interest.

Rishabh: I agree with your point, totally.

I am a photographer, and wherever I travel, I click so many photos. Do you love clicking photos?? If yes, share the best photos you have ever taken while traveling.

Federica: I have taken so many beautiful photos from my trips! I like to print them and collect them in beautiful photo books that I love to flip through very often. Here are some of them.

Apu Vinicunca  in Perù
Apu Vinicunca in Perù
Amazon Rainforest, Rio Madre De Dios
Amazon Rainforest, Rio Madre De Dios
Pingyao in China
Pingyao in China
Jaisalmer in India
Jaisalmer in India
Leshan in China
Leshan in China
Arequipa in Perù
Arequipa in Perù
Amazon Rainforests
Amazon Rainforests
India Travel Book
Federica's Travel Photo Book - India

Rishabh: Wow! These photos are fantabulous. I am shocked. You are a fantastic photographer. If you have to choose only one of these photos, which will you choose and why??

Federica: Thank you so much for appreciating. If I have to choose one, Apu Vinicunca called "Rainbow Mountain" in Perù is very close to my heart. After trekking for about two hours, I reached up to 5000 meters of altitude to see these spectacular colorful mountains. At that altitude, I immediately feel tired and fatigued due to less oxygen. It was really hard for me, and I thought about giving up several times, but thanks to my great willpower, I was able to reach the top. When I arrived, I cried from the intense emotions I was feeling. I saw the wonder of nature, and I was so glad I kept going.

Rishabh: It's great to hear how you managed and didn't give up and reached the top for a beautiful view. Well, we all have to follow the concept of not giving up in our life as well.

I also love to live close to nature and study how it is present in different forms. But on some of my trips, I saw that humans are ruining it, not only at the places where natural beauty is present but also at the historical sites. In your opinion, how will the travelers contribute to saving mother earth during the travel?

Federica: Well, Travelers must respect the places they visit, especially when they come to natural landscapes. I think that a good traveler has to walk as much as possible on foot, relying only on a means of transport for long distances. It is also good behavior to avoid tourist experiences with inferior respect for nature and animals.

Rishabh: At present, we all prefer living in our homes as the whole world is facing a pandemic situation. I hope you and your fam are doing well. How do you think the COVID-19 epidemic will affect traveling and what measures the travelers should take while traveling to stay safe after this pandemic period?

Federica: Yeah, we all are well. I wish the same for you and your family.

This is a challenging period for traveling, especially outside your own country. Each country has its own rules and difficulties, so traveling can be hard. Despite my love for exploring places, I have decided not to plan any long trip this year. But even COVID-19 can't stop me from pursuing my passion. I am going to visit some new places in my home country. I recommend getting all the information you can to be respectful of all the rules for those who want to take a trip. I am sure that as soon as this emergency ends, people will be able to travel again with all the enthusiasm and without the fear of human contact as meeting other people, interacting with them, and sharing experiences with them are some of the most exciting aspects of traveling.

Rishabh: Which is the best hotel or backpacking hostel you have ever stayed in?

Federica: I love sleeping in a tents under the stars, so my favorite stay was in the same in Thar desert, India.

Thar Desert, India
Stayed in tents under the stars in Thar Desert, India

Rishabh: I also love camping but didn't try in the desert till now. In the future, I will surely take an experience of it.

The last question that I want to ask is, "Which is your dream destination, and Why?"

Federica: I would like to go back to South America and see Bolivia because that country has magical landscapes and is home to the largest salt lake in the world.

Rishabh: That's Great! It was so lovely talking to you, Frederica. I hope readers will love your shared experiences and take your advise into account when they travel in the future.

Federica: Thank you so much, Rishabh! It was good talking to you as well, and I am happy to be a part of your global movement.

So this was all about Episode 01. I hope you liked it. I am excited to hear your reviews in the comment section below. Please share it with your friends and family, do hit the like button and subscribe for the latest information.

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Reviewed by Stuti Saran.


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